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Adding Value

I’m not defined by the quality of players who attend my sessions. I’m defined by the value I add to their development.

Anybody can ‘coach’ good players but the barometer is whether they’re improving.

1-2-1 Football Coaching

We offer high quality and intense 1-2-1 coaching sessions, which will adapt due to the specific needs of the player. This is a really good way for a player to improve their game and improve technically and physically.

Sessions can be 30,45 or 60 minute sessions . Our sessions take place every Sunday for children aged 5-11 years. 

We aim to have a minimum of 3000 touches per hour, we have recently purchased over £1000 in specialist equipment we only use at our 121 sessions to help increase the number of touches per session.

Sessions are easily adapted to the individual needs, all children are different and at different stages of their development.

Sessions can include.



Close Control


Passing and receiving 




Thinking exercises


To book a session call or text Alan on 07804624037

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