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Mini Miners

4-7 years of age

5-6 pm every Tuesday for children in reception 

6-7 pm every Tuesday for children in year 1&2

9-10 am every Sunday for children in reception, year 1&2

Sports clothing, trainers or boots and shin pads are required along with a drink. Parents are not expected to join in the session but are expected to stay on site. Drink bottles are to go in a allocated point at the side of the pitch.


Children are split into groups of approximately 12 children and are placed in groups depending on age, size and ability when possible.


Mini Miners is the next step up from Mini Dribblers and the last step to playing for Harton and Westoe Juniors. Mini Miners is a great learn by play session, during a 12 month period children will experience playing on a 4g pitch, grass and a sports hall and they will also play will size 3 and 4 footballs and size 3 futsal balls. 


Reception year group children

Will carry on learning from Mini Dribblers, the focus is to have the children touch the ball as much as possible and therefore will have there own ball during each session. Reception class children focus on dribbling in different directions, turning, running with the ball, shooting and begin to learn how to pass the ball and trap the ball.

Year 1 children 

Begin to play more 1v1 and 2v2 games and work in 3 week modules. The modules are passing and receiving, dribbling in different directions, turning, running with the ball and shooting. The first Sunday of the Month is also Tournament week for year 1&2 children. We also have a advanced session for some of the children that is invite only and we have our unique Friday night development league for children in year 1&2 to give the children a understanding of 5v5. To be invited to play in the development league children must attend at least one Mini Miners session per week . Once children reach the age of 6 they can go on and play in a team for Harton and Westoe juniors subject to team forming and established league.

Year 2 children

Most year 2 children will now be in a Harton and Westoe juniors team and will be attending for some extra coaching however the group also has children that have just started playing or have no desire to play in a team and attend because they enjoy the session. 

55 Mins Session


Safe Indoor and outdoor Environment (seasonal)


Maximum 12 children in the group when possible


Use own kit or purchase Mini Miners kit via the link


Booking required 


The objective of this class is to help the children settle in groups of children to help them improve their confidence and social skills. They will develop directional dribbling, ability to shoot, learn to use different parts of the foot, improve agility, balance, co-ordination, stamina and speed.


Why choose Our classes? We provide a platform for your child to learn from the age of 2 years old and progress from Tiny Miners (2-3 years ) to Mini Dribblers (3-4 years)  then to Mini Miners (4-7 years ) and then guarantee ( subject to teams forming) a place in one of our Harton and Westoe Juniors football teams from the age of 6 ( year 1 ). 

To enquire about this session and to start FREE trial please complete the enquiry form below.

Tiny Miners

2-3 years 

Mini Dribblers

3-4 years

Mini Miners

4-7 years

Play for Harton and Westoe Juniors

6+ years

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