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Mini Miners Remote Learning 

Mini Miners home learning is a great concept to help children keep active at home. There are 30 sessions to work towards over 8 stages using both right and left foot. Dribbling, Running with the ball, shooting, ball mastery, turning, balance and passing.

How it works

We have designed sessions with game realism at the heart, most sessions are timed to create that competitive edge. Children get their own personal score chart and can easily keep track of there own progress. Scores are also calculated into a team format to encourage children to learn and be part of a team even though they are working in there own garden.


Weekly Zoom session

FREE score chart hand delivered

Players of the week

Team of the week

All for only £15 per month

How to get started?

You must already be part of Mini Miners and in the parents groups

Complete contact form below

Setup a Monthly recurring payment of £15 to 207094 10215422 and once first payment is received we will get you setup on the system and deliver a score chart.

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