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Tiny Miners


2-3 years of age

915-10am every Thursday @ Marsden Road Health Centre NE34 6RE 

Sports clothing and trainers are required along with a drink. We give the children a biscuit midway during the session so please inform us if your child has any food allergies. Parent participation is required during the session.

Tiny Miners is a great way to introduce your child to the world of football in our play and pressure free environment. Children at this age are beginning to learn how to follow simple instructions and will be provided to learn at their level within the group environment. Classes give a fantastic opportunity for you to help your child's early learning education, helping them to develop social, cognitive and social skills.  Our sessions have slight variation weekly but the core focus of fun learning remains the same. Children will learn to jump, hop, crawl, dribble, team work, score goals, hand eye coordination, foot to ball coordination and balance although children will struggle with most tasks in this  group the skills the do learn will be an advantage when moving onto our Mini Dribblers for children 3-4 years.

45 Mins Session

Safe Indoor Environment

Maximum 16 children in the group

Use own kit or purchase Mini Miners kit via the link

Booking required 

The objective of this class is to help the children settle in groups of children to help them improve their confidence and social skills. They will develop a good kicking technique and basic motor skills. 

Why choose Our classes? We provide a platform for your child to learn from the age of 2 years old and progress from Tiny Miners (2-3 years ) to Mini Dribblers (3-4 years)  then to Mini Miners (4-7 years ) and then guarantee a place in one of our Harton and Westoe Juniors football teams from the age of 6 ( year 1 ). 

Tiny Miners

Age 2-3 

Mini Dribblers

Age 3-4

Mini Miners

Age 4-7

Play in a Team for Harton and Westoe Juniors

Age 6+

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